Point Washington Preserve

Point Washington Preserve can accommodate a maximum of 350 guests seated at tables but the pavilion does have 150 spaces in surrounding bench seating in the pavilion​.

In 2017, Point Washington Preserve opened for business in Santa Rosa Beach as a wedding and event pavilion venue.


Who we are

Southern Hybrid Homes’ newest project is the Point Washington Preserve ("PWP"). PWP is a 5,000 sq ft dual purpose event venue pavilion/cabin complex that will be used to host weddings, special events, and science/engineering retreats. PWP is unique in that it is surrounded by hundreds of acres of state forest and is off the electrical grid. Solar Panels and Tesla Powerwall 2 batteries are used for electricity. This is a true zero-energy community. The cabins will also be used to house visiting scientists and engineers who participate in GSI's Santa Rosa Project.

Point Washington Preserve is surrounded by over 300 acres of state forest, not only beautiful but you won’t have a noise ordinance to worry with.

Point Washington Preserve is the largest Event Pavilion in South Walton, at 5,000 sq ft, in which includes the use of a 675 square feet, 2-bedroom, 2-bath Florida cottage.

​Community Pavilion & Event Venue

When staying in the cottage on the preserve, awake to birds chirping and a nice walk to the lake with coffee in hand, while maybe spotting some of the wildlife out here.